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Augmented Reality for Collaborative Urban Planning
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Barbara E. A. Piga
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Project duration
01.01.2019 : - 31.12.2020 :
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Project description
Two EU H2020 'AR4CUP - Augmented Reality for Collaborative Urban Planning' has been funded by the EIT Digital (Digital Cities): AR4CUP 2019 In a nutshell, it is based on the use of experiential simulation through Augmented Reality (AR) for anticipating and pre-assessing urban design projects from people's perspectives. An experimental application will be carried out on the C40 Reinventing City project “VITAE” (Serio area in the South Milan) by Covivio Development, Carlo Ratti Associati, Habitech (as main partners). The partners involved in AR4CUP EU Project are: Artefacto (FR), Politecnico di Milano with Laboratorio di Simulazione Urbana Fausto Curti, VTT and Covivio. More in detail, the AR4CUP project aims at pushing on the market a new SAAS product (Software As A Service) that will enable to show urban projects in Augmented Reality (AR) on-site in order to enable citizens and decision-makers to collaborate with architects and developers to a virtuous co-creation process. Data collection and analysis of environmental preferences through the app will inform the transformation along with the design phase. The process will empower inclusiveness and encourages evidence-based decision-making. AR4CUP 2020 AR4CUP-2020 enables the analysis and assessment of the district-community existing context starting from citizens’ perceptions. Indeed, the service will enable an up-to-date overview of a district-community through the eyes of citizens, the major experts of their neighborhood. The app will answer Real Estate, Architectural Firms, and Public Administrations’ need to assess the district's socio-urban condition in order to define a proper design brief before investing. The AR4CUP-2020 speeds up design briefingconception, saving costs and time, and it leads to contextually based solutions while generating the first engagement on the urban project, thus reducing the risk of failure. Citizens will be involved in the process from the very beginning (virtuous circle – 3P model). AR4CUP events webpage: The AR4CUP solution (mobile app + web dashboard), already translated in several languages, is commercially named 'City Sense':