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VAM Realities XR Coaching Programme


How can technologies like VR and AR transform the way you do business? Let our team guide you on your XR journey.

About the Programme

The VAMRS team are now offering a free personalised 1 on 1 coaching scheme for you and your organisation in VR and AR technology . The XR coaching programme will introduce you to the latest in XR technology and use-cases, demonstrate how XR technology can benefit your organisation and guide you through the integration of XR into your business operations. No matter if you are new to XR tehnology or already have experience using VR or AR, we have a made-to-measure coaching program for you and your organsiation. No consulting fee, no purchase obligation for participation.

Benefits for SMEs

• Access to the latest VR and AR Hardware

• Access to Expertise in XR & XR technology providers and Software

• Hands-on Training in XR technology for your management and staff

• Made-to-measure coaching program for you and your organisation, regardless of existing XR-knowledge or experience

• Opportunity to create own XR content for your organisation

• Opportunity to visit selected industrial XR use-cases and XR service providers around Europe

• No consulting fee, no purchase obligation for participation

Who can participate?

Our XR Coaching program has been created specifically with the needs and demands of Small and Medium Size enterprises across Europe in mind, who are often limited in their available time and resources to aquire new skills and to intergate new technologies into their businees, and would thus benefit greatly from cooperation with the VAMRS team. In particular those companies within the manufacturing industry across Europe, who wish to take the next steps in the digitalisation of their buisness and operations . If your company falls within this field, please contact us to benefit the VAMRS XR Coaching programme.

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How much do you know about XR?

To assess your own organsation’s current level of XR knowledge and skills, just click the link to begin the XR Skills advisor self-assessment: