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Full project title
Transforming primary school students’ English as a Foreign Language Learning (EFL) with augmented reality (AR)
Project acronym
Country of coordinator’s
or applicant’s residence
United Kingdom
Contact person
Maria Malliora
E-mail address
Project duration
01.06.2021 - 31.05.2023
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EU project showcase
Project description
The aim of project AR4EFL is to train school teachers to use AR when teaching English as a foreign language to young students, who are also the final beneficiaries of the project. To achieve this, the following objectives have been set: -to create a realistic learning environment for learners of a second language so as to motivate them to learn -design, test and publish an innovative educational package based on AR technology for primary school teachers that will guide and support their English (or any other) as second language teaching -to provide quality training to primary school teachers on how to utilise the innovative educational package in traditional or virtual/online classroom. With the project’s aim being the increase of the motivation to learn English for primary school students, the expected results involve the increased engagement of students together with the professional development of teachers in the field of the use of new technology (AR) for education. In this way, we will use an innovative digital approach to address an educational and social need that exists in society in the 21st century and which has been intensified in the last months due to the COVID19 outbreak and tackle a long-lasting problem of lack of motivation in the class. Other results of the project include: -The development of the following intellectual outputs: IO1: Desk research: A literature review comparing traditional approaches and augmented reality in language acquisition IO2: A teacher handbook with lesson plans for language learning through AR IO3: Augmented Reality application, with which we aim to generate a methodology that makes students an active part of learning, and also allows collaborative learning -2 training activities: C1 to train VET trainers (3 training workers from each country) and C2 to train primary school teachers (5 teachers from each country), on the educational AR for EFL package developed during the project. The aim of these training activities is to maximize the impact of the project allowing them to use the application effectively and give participants the necessary training and skills. -6 national multiplier events to promote the project, its intellectual outputs, and its outcomes among VET trainers, teachers, academics, students and their families and caretakers, language schools, researchers, policymakers and reformers, and relevant stakeholders.