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Assistant Professor Marco Boffi

Network Expert Member
Assistant Professor Marco Boffi
City, Country
Milan, Italy
Social Media
Affiliated organisations
Università degli Studi di Milano
Description of VR/AR/MR interest, experience, expertise
Marco Boffi, Ph.D., psychologist, is Assistant Professor in Social Psychology at the Università degli Studi di Milano. Since 2007 he is involved in research and teaching activities on wellbeing and sustainability for universities, NGOs and private companies. Since 2015 he participates in research activities in collaboration with the Laboratorio di Simulazione Urbana Fausto Curti, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies at the Politecnico di Milano. He was member of the Politecnico team for the “Augmented Reality for collaborative Urban Planning” AR4CUP 2019 H2020 and AR4CUP 2020 H2020 projects, and designed an app for participatory urban planning through psychological assessment of individual architectural experiences and community needs. The app is on the market with the commercial name of CitySense, to support participatory processes in urban transformations. His research focuses on the relation between environment, individual wellbeing and collective quality of life. His interests are about the assessment of wellbeing to support the transition towards environmental and psychological sustainability, applied to national and international case studies. He is experienced in consulting for policy makers and associations on best practices, aimed at designing inclusive processes and wellbeing indicators. He is author of over 60 publications and conference presentations, organizer and scientific coordinator of conferences.
Fields of VR/AR/MR interest/expertise
Education and Training
Reasearch and Development
Social Services
Tourism Industry
Years of experience
3 - 5 years
VR/AR/MR Portfolio