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COoperative Real-Time EXperiences with EXtended reality

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COoperative Real-Time EXperiences with EXtended reality
Andrea Torres
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Andrea Torres
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Horizon Europe
Project duration
01.09.2022 - 31.08.2025
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Project description
The mission of CORTEX2 is to democratize access to the remote collaboration offered by next-generation XR experiences across a wide range of industries and SMEs. To this aim, CORTEX2 will provide: - Full support for augmented reality (AR) experiences as an extension of video conferencing systems when using heterogeneous service end devices through a novel Mediation Gateway platform. - Resource-efficient teleconferencing tools through innovative transmission methods and automatic summarization of shared long documents. - Easy-to-use and powerful XR experiences with instant 3D reconstruction of environments and objects, and simplified use of natural gestures in collaborative meetings. - Fusion of vision and audio for multichannel semantic interpretation and enhanced tools such as virtual conversational agents and automatic meeting summarization. - Full integration of internet of things (IoT) devices into XR experiences to optimize interaction with running systems and processes. - Optimal extension possibilities and broad adoption by delivering the core system with open APIs and launching open calls to enable further technical extensions, more comprehensive use cases, and deeper evaluation and assessment. Overall, we will invest a total of 4 million Euros in two open calls, which will be aimed at 1. recruiting tech startups/SMEs to co-develop CORTEX2; 2. engaging new use cases from different domains to demonstrate CORTEX2 replication through specific integration paths; 3. assessing and validating the social impact associated with XR technology adoption in internal and external use cases. The first open call will collect two types of applications: Co-development and Use-case. The second one will target only Co-development type projects. The CORTEX2 consortium is formed by 10 organizations in 7 countries, which will work together for 36 months. ​​The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) leads the consortium. More information can be found on its website ( and social media accounts (LinkedIn: — Twitter: