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Digital Innovative Media Publishing for All
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Aleksandra Nowak
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01.11.2018 - 31.01.2021
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EU project showcase
Project description
Digital skills are today as important as being able to read or write in order to remain employable in a more and more digitalized working place. They are used and expected in more than 90% of jobs, in every professional sector. However, European Union is facing a huge digital skills challenge. According to a factsheet released in September 2017 by the European Commision (“A Digital Europe needs Digital Skills”) only 56% of Europeans aged from 16 to 75 have at least basic digital skills. One big trend of the digitalization of the labor market, that impacts all sectors, is the massive publishing of multimedia digital contents, gradually replacing traditional printed documents or opening the door to new kinds of publication. Augmented reality, virtual reality, 360° video, enriched publications are conquering our screens, our cultural and professional practices and thus revolutionizing the way we produce and consult content. However, if professionals come into almost daily contact with these new forms of enriched content in their professional and personal lives, few of them know their means of production, their cost, their use.... These new technologies are often perceived as complex, expensive and reserved for specialists and often cause reluctance or even anxiety when we are asked to use or implement them within a company. The lack of knowledge of easy-to-use creation tools increase the gap between “specialists” or “geeks” and the whole of professionals. In order to tackle this issue DIMPA project partners created the first European training on the practices and tools of 6 main technologies involved in enhanced contents publishing and dissemination: EPUB 3, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Video 360°, Interactive Video and augmented printed materials. Practically, the Digital Innovative Media Publishing for All project gathered: 1. A MOOC on the new technologies of enhanced content publishing 2. Toolkits on tools of production and database of resources 3. Reusable models 4. Explanatory sheets 5. A training implementation guide The project target are learners of all age involved in the VET sectors, including the trainers and teachers. The MOOC is accessible by all and to collaborate with VET providers in order to integrate the content of this course to their curricula. In addition project paid a special attention to make the content available for all in order to avoid leaving learners on the side. Therefore, the content is designed to be adapted as much as possible for individuals with Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) which represent 8 to 15% of the population in Europe, depending on the sources.