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Dipl. Ing. Matthias Jantowski

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Dipl. Ing. Matthias Jantowski
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Magdeburg, Germany
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In 2011 I successfully completed my computer visual studies in Magdeburg. During my time as a student, I was already working at the VDTC of the Fraunhofer Institute IFF on various projects in the field of virtual urban planning. Even after completing my studies, I worked there as a research assistant with a focus on the visualization of interactive location scenarios. Various technologies from the areas of VR (HMD, stereoscopic projection, cave) were used for this purpose. After my scientific work, I started my own business and worked as a freelancer with various companies for which I took on visualization in the planning and tourism area. Both stereoscopic 360 ° photos and videos were used and complex scenarios were implemented using the Unity3D engine. Since 2017 I have been working for 3DQR in Magdeburg, one of the leading experts in augmented reality in Germany. In addition to AR on various mobile devices, we also deal with VR scenarios on HMDs or AR content for the Hololens. At 3DQR, I am the head of application development and take care of the implementation of the 3dqr software tools as well as customer-oriented special solutions. AR that simply works - 3DQR | Matthias Jantowski
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Education and Training
Repair and Maintenance
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6 - 10 years