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Dr Orestis Georgiou

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Dr Orestis Georgiou
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Bristol, United Kingdom
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Ultraleap Ltd
Description of VR/AR/MR interest, experience, expertise
Dr Orestis Georgiou is an author of 5 patents and 80+ academic papers published in leading journals and conferences of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering and Medicine. Passionate about haptic technologies, networks and spatial computing, Orestis is currently the Director of Research at Ultraleap (previously Ultrahaptics) where he oversees internal and external R&D activities and aligns them to the business needs and future roadmaps. Through this role, Orestis has been co-awarded R&D grant funding in excess of €10 million including four H2020 FET projects (Levitate, H-Reality, Touchless and E-Textures) which he currently manages on behalf of Ultraleap. These R&D projects are all somehow related to the development of acoustic technologies that allow you to ‘feel’, ‘hear’ and ‘see’ virtual 3D objects and holograms. Leveraging these technologies, the aim is to create interactive mid-air applications that remove the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. For example, using mid-air haptic technologies to reduce driver distraction during human-car interactions, or reducing the spread of pathogens when interacting with public touchscreens and elevator panels, or increasing immersion, agency, and tactile reconfigurability in VR, AR, and MR synthetic environments. A full list of publications can be found here:
Fields of VR/AR/MR interest/expertise
Years of experience
3 - 5 years