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Dr. Petyo Budakov

Network Expert Member
Dr. Petyo Budakov
City, Country
Berlin, Germany
Social Media
Affiliated organisations
Budakov Films Ltd (Founder and a Managing Director)
University of Europe for Applied Sciences (Visiting Professor)
New Bulgarian University (Chief Assistant Professor)
Description of VR/AR/MR interest, experience, expertise
As a chief assistant professor, most of my doctoral research has been devoted on the establishment and development of innovative and effective e-learning & blended learning strategies and platforms that move beyond the traditional e-learning approaches. I also investigates the matter of the successful training videos – what visual tools can be implemented in order to retain the attention of the learners for longer time. Based on the notion that learns obtain knowledge more effectively when they are engaged, I am developing dynamic and attractive video spots, by using the latest postproduction technologies. Learning through video enables our customers to retain new information faster and more accurately. Video contains all of the elements of communication which makes it much more effective than other mediums for training. In producing video spots, my company is sticking to the following five phases: 1. Development - discussing with our customers what they want to achieve with their video and consider how we can build upon their initial thinking. 2. Pre-Production - writing the script, creating storyboards, preparing a production schedule, auditioning talent and preparing the cast, hiring and preparing a crew, securing equipment, finding and securing locations, selecting wardrobes and so on. 3. Production – capturing the project assets. 4. Post-Production - editing the recorded video, adding music, audio effects and voiceover. Adjusting sound and colour, add titles and credits; create special effects, create publicity materials; and release the project for our client target audience. Dissemination – launch the video content and its promotion. However, I also investigate the role of the 3D (CGI) into the contemporary VR and how it could help learners to set up their personal learning goals.
Fields of VR/AR/MR interest/expertise
Immersive Industrial Design
Education and Training
Years of experience
6 - 10 years