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Gernot Sümmermann

Network Member
Gernot Sümmermann
City, Country
Aachen, Germany
Social Media
Affiliated organisations
Cynteract GmbH
VRISI: VR in Science and Industry Network NRW e.V.
Description of VR/AR/MR interest, experience, expertise
Interact naturally and intuitively in the virtual world, whether in games or business applications: Cynteract Glove. Over the years we have conducted many different projects with Cynteract in VR. We have developed the software ourselves, whether for training or playing. +HealthCare: We have designed the intelligent glove that patients can use it as game controllers for games and rehabilitation exercises.
Fields of VR/AR/MR interest/expertise
Education and Training
Medical Applications
Reasearch and Development
Serious Games
Years of experience
6 - 10 years
VR/AR/MR Portfolio