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Using Augmented Reality Technology and Simulation-Based Training to Foster Green Economy
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Markella Papanicolaou
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01.12.2020 - 30.11.2022
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The private sector is the engine of growth and plays a vital role in supporting green growth in Europe, while the VET providers play a pivotal role in supporting private sector and entrepreneurs to invest in the green economy by developing their skills, knowledge and competences required by resource-efficient processes and technologies; and integrating these into businesses and communities. VET providers are the key educational bridge between the private sector and education. There is fragmentation on how companies are responding to complex climate change challenges, and opportunities and the onus is on VET providers as key education stakeholders to address it. GoGreen project aims to develop the skills and competences of VET providers to support the professional development of the private sector stakeholders and entrepreneurs and those willing to effectively support Green Economy through the development of a tailored VET green curriculum based on augmented reality technology, simulation training and an innovative Massive Open Online Course. The project's Objectives are the following: - Build the capacity of VET providers to use Mobile Augmented Technology and Simulation-based training to train private entities and entrepreneurs on how to address environmental change. - Improve the coherence of VET learning strategies for the transition towards a greener economy to engage the private sector and new entrepreneurs better - Harness the skills and knowledge of the private sector and entrepreneurs for green growth and climate change - Increase awareness about the significance of climate change and support the development of green skills in the labour market The projects outputs are: IO1: VET Green Curriculum using Augmented Reality Technology A curriculum will be produced to equip the participating VET providers/trainers to advance their skills, key competences, and increase their knowledge about climate change issues and to provide them with the necessary tools to address the challenges that private sector and entrepreneurs are facing. IO2: Simulation-based training package The Simulation Training Package will allow easy adaptability in multiple contexts and support the sustainability and compatibility of the training package to upcoming social and learning challenges. IO3: MOOC for climate action MOOCs offer a complete online learning experience for free and are designed for a large number of participants, in which anyone can enrol, most of them without entrance prerequisites. IO4: Toolkit with Policy & Practice Recommendations A Toolkit with Policy & Practice Recommendations will be prepared, which will include a collection of lessons learned, good examples and practices, challenges and policy recommendations.