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Ing. Maxime Steenbrugge

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Ing. Maxime Steenbrugge
City, Country
Ghent, Belgium
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Description of VR/AR/MR interest, experience, expertise
I'm an electromechanical engineer with a master’s degree in production management (Industry 4.0, Lean management, ...). During my last year at KU Leuven I conducted research into extended reality in a production environment, which led to the writing of my master thesis. That year of intensive research gave me a lot of insights on the state of extended reality and about alternatives that are both less expensive and in some cases better than XR. This all depends on the specific use case off course. That's how I ended up working at, a software company that bridges the gap in the market between E-learning and XR instructions. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.
Fields of VR/AR/MR interest/expertise
Education and Training
Repair and Maintenance
Safety and Security
Years of experience
0 - 2 years