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Full project title
letzSCIENCE - Discover Luxembourg research topics in Augmented Reality (AR)
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Contact person
Didier Goossens
E-mail address
Project duration
14.06.2021 - 11.11.2023
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EU project showcase
Project description
letzSCIENCE is a free app created by FNR in 2021 to show research topics in augmented reality (AR) experiences. Each AR experience focusses on a different science topic and is connected to FNR-funded research. All experiences are created to be accessible to the lay audience. The interested audience is invited to dig deeper into the topic discovered in the app by visiting the website The FNR intends to continually add fresh experiences to the app so that it remains appealing to the public. The augmented reality experience provides an entertaining and approachable introduction to the topic. We believe it reduces the inhibition barrier and immediately adds an emotional dimension to the topic. We seek not just to inform, but also to captivate users interested in science and research. The FNR aims for high-quality app downloads, meaning that we place a higher value on the time spent in the app than on the quantity of downloads alone. Very recently, we received great and encouraging comments from high school teachers who indicated they would utilize the application in their classrooms. Currently (at the time of writing), the FNR is promoting the app through a digital and outdoor campaign.