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Maria Christofi

Network Expert Member
Maria Christofi
City, Country
Larnaca, Cyprus
Social Media
Affiliated organisations
CYENS Centre of Excellence
Cyprus University of Technology
Description of VR/AR/MR interest, experience, expertise
I have been using VR devices since 2016, when I started my PhD at GET Lab, of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology. I have experience with the development of VR apps, using the Unity software. I used the Oculus DK1, DK2 and the CV version, for showcases at the Researchers day from 2016-2019 representing the CYENS Centre of Excellence (previously known as RISE). I have also used those devices for conducting studies for my PhD.
Fields of VR/AR/MR interest/expertise
Years of experience
3 - 5 years