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Full project title
Extented reality toolkits for teachers
Project acronym
LIUM, Le Mans University
Country of coordinator’s
or applicant’s residence
Contact person
iza Marfisi
E-mail address
Rising Star Pays de la Loire (France)
Project duration
01.01.2022 - 30.04.2024
Project weblinks
EU project showcase
Project description
The objective of the MIXAP project is to develop simple tools allowing teachers to create their own educational applications for tablets, with Augmented Reality . The project is aimed at teachers from kindergarten to university, in all subjects. The project is carried out in partnership with Canopé , the national network for creation and educational support. 4 Canopé facilitators and more than 15 teachers participate in the co-design and testing of the tools developed in class. The MIXAP project will produce 3 free tools : - MIXAP-Object : augment objects in your class (posters, books, statues, timelines, constructions) with additional information (text, image, videos, 3D models, 3D animation, etc.) - MIXAP-Map : augment maps (plan of an archaeological site, city plan, architect's plan, IGN map) with information on points of interest (buildings, flora, etc.), in order to encourage reflection collaborative. - MIXAP-Landscapes : augment landscapes (mountain ridges, cliffs, the horizon or even the sky) with information such as name of peaks, types of rocks, vegetation, direction of countries, position of stars. This project is led by Iza MARFISI , a teacher-researcher in Computer Science. She conducts her research at the Computer Science Laboratory of the University of Le Mans and teaches in the Computer Science Department of the IUT de Laval . The Computer Science Laboratory of the University of Le Mans is part of the tradition of creating free educational tools , designed with and for teachers . It is in no way a question of replacing them. On the contrary, our goal is to help them use innovative technologies that have strong educational potential. MIXAP is funded by the Pays de la Loire region and the University of Le Mans as part of the Étoile Rising scheme . It starts in January 2022 and ends in April 2024.