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New MIXAP project on AR for education


Hi to all of the VAM Realities network members!


I just joined the network because we are starting a new project on AR toolkits for education. Our MIXAP project aims at developing simple tools allowing teachers to create their own educational applications for tablets and smartphones, with Augmented Reality.



We have a partnership with Canopé, the French national network for educational support and teacher training. More than 15 teachers (from preschool to university) are currently participating in the co-design and testing of the developed tools. Check out the team’s funny photos 😉

This is a small project but we would love to join a bigger European project so please contact me if you are looking for such a partner. We are fun to work with and always get things done!

I’m a computer science researcher and my expertise is in Serious Games and innovative Human-Computer Interactions for learning. I’ve already led several projects on XR and VR SMART-Fractions, TurtleTablet, TGRIS). I can also involve colleges who specialize in social science and didactics.

Cheers !