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Peeter Nieler

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Peeter Nieler
City, Country
Tallinn, Estonia
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Affiliated organisations
Criffin - Simulations & Trainings
CStudio - The Mixed Reality Agency
Description of VR/AR/MR interest, experience, expertise
I have been an entrepreneur all my life with a broad range of areas such as publishing, film production, AI and electronics R&D. I need to constantly push boundaries and search for something new, to innovate. I look at the present, envision something new, and develop approaches to make my vision a reality. I'm also active speaker, giving visiting lectures to students, talking at conferences (such as innovation conference "The Future Is Now", Unity's conference Unite Beijing, Opening speech at WVA2015 in Shanghai, FIVR in Helsinki, Latitude59, PowerSpeech at BNFF, ITEC in Rotterdam, Let’s CEE in Vienna, KVRF in Seoul, etc.) and various Virtual Reality meetups. I believe it is important to share your experience and inspire others. I consider my strengths to be business development, team building and developing technology strategies. In particular, I feel inspired and valued in the creational Virtual Reality industry, in which I started to actively operate already in 2012, even before Oculus Rift started to popularise the field. Over the past few years I have led R&D in my startup Criffin, constantly pushing for new horizons in technology and science. During these years we have built prototypes for IMU based skeletal tracking, UltraSonic positional tracking and currently we're researching possibilities in haptic feedback solutions. Besides developing high tech embedded systems for VR, I'm now delving into neuroscience and how brain interacts with artificial realities.
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6 - 10 years
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