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Sam Sprigg

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Sam Sprigg
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Bristol, United Kingdom
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Auganix Ltd.
Description of VR/AR/MR interest, experience, expertise
I have been writing about AR/VR/MR for more than 3 years in my role as Managing Editor at - an online news and intelligence website that covers the XR industry, with a specific focus on the enterprise side of the industry.

Through my role as a journalist, I have picked up a very broad knowledge of the XR industry as a whole, and as a result have a solid understanding of the XR market from a very top-down perspective. My skills lie in communicating how XR technology can apply to a variety of different verticals, as well as a deep knowledge of case studies/use cases showing how it is being implemented today by a variety of organizations.

I am well informed on the latest industry trends and am learning more daily to connect the dots and see how all the pieces in the industry fit together. I use this information to grow the content on the Auganix website, with an ultimate aim of providing a valuable resource for the XR industry and to enable those operating within it to learn even more about the industry and how augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies can benefit themselves and their organizations.
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3 - 5 years
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