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Software Engineer Jon Martinez

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Software Engineer Jon Martinez
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Bilbao, Spain
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University of Deusto
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After several years working as an application and software developer, in 2011 I founded the company Pulsar Concept from where we designed custom applications and games for companies, as well as offering training in different educational centers. In 2015, given the potential offered by virtual reality, we began to carry out the first specialized projects in this field, which led us to create a new company: LUDUS. Currently I lead the LUDUS team, a virtual reality simulation training system for the and training of professionals in the industry and emergency sector. Our objective is to reduce costs and accident rates for companies in the industrial sector, as well as to facilitate their production and organizational processes. Among the different projects we have carried out, it is worth highlighting the Simulator for the prevention of occupational risks, the Forklift Simulator or the Simulator for fire services, among others. I also combine my activity as a trainer in educational centers and as a speaker at conferences and events.
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6 - 10 years
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