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Tarcan Kiper

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Tarcan Kiper
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Istanbul, Turkey
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Dors Venabili A.S.
Neo Auvra A.S.
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Tarcan Kiper is the co-founder and CEO of Dors Venabili Cyberspace Technologies Inc., a high-tech firm specialized in Digital Health and VR Therapeutics solutions with its VR/AR based cognitive and physical assessment and training platform. As an enterpreneur he has more than 30 years of experience in 3D simulation and VR applications in defense, aerospace, transportation, oil&gas, automotive and energy industries. In addition to being one of the pioneers of simulator development in Turkey, he accomplished the first VR project in Turkey in the year 2000, followed by the first Virtual Reality Center development and deployment, and the first VR CAVE system for Virtual Prototyping work for an automotive customer. Recently he led his team to develop and deliver VR Training Systems for MRO and OHS trainings of hundreds of white-collars and thousands of technicians and blue-collars in various industries. He has been an active lecturer, speaker and author regarding Digital Twin, Virtual Engineering, Virtual Prototyping and Virtual Learning, Education and Training technologies. He has MSc in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio, USA) and BSc in Electrical/Electronics Engineering from Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey).
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Education and Training
Military Applications
Repair and Maintenance
Virtual Production
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More than 10 years
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