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Full project title
The Equitable, Inclusive and Human-Centered XR Project
Project acronym
Rigmor Baraas and Rosemarie Bernabe (University of South-Eastern Norway)
Country of coordinator’s
or applicant’s residence
Contact person
Joyce Anthonia Ojokojo
E-mail address
European Commission- EU/Horizon Europe
Project duration
01.11.2022 - 31.10.2025
Project weblinks
EU project showcase
Project description
eXtended Reality (XR) technologies have within a few years moved from lab-based research to a common-place consumer item. Indeed, the benefits of and the possibilities that XR technologies offer to promote and enhance are prolific. As with other emerging technologies, however, the use and eventual ubiquity of XR technologies bring with them potential risks that have not existed before. Of particular importance are new ethical, and associated safety, privacy, security challenges and interoperability issues that needs to be considered now. Developing the foundations to ensure that Europe is sufficiently equipped to leverage these opportunities through skillful navigation of new challenges is the rationale for XR4HUMAN. The MAIN OBJECTIVE of the project is to co-create living guidance on ethical and related policy, regulatory, governance, and interoperability issues of XR technologies within a European community of practice. This main objective will be operationalized through the following specific objectives: EXPLORE (i) ethical issues; and (ii) related regulatory and governance issues; GUIDE companies and regulators through (i) Interoperability Guidance Document; (ii) a European Code of Conduct for Equitable, Inclusive, and Human-Centered XR Technologies; (iii) recording and demonstrating the practical application of the XRCode of Conduct; EQUIP companies and regulators with an online repository of test cases to allow developers to demonstrate evidence of adherence to best practices; EQUIP and GUIDE users through a rating system and educational materials; ENGAGE companies and other stakeholders (i) to enhance the uptake of the XR Code of Conduct, the Guidance for Interoperability, and the empowerment of end-users; and (ii) to establish a permanent digital European Forum to facilitate stakeholder dialogue on issues of ethics and interoperability.